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Seeds of Health

Searching for raw milk?
We have a small but growing list of raw milk producers in the UK.

Searching for grass fed meat?
We have a list of grass fed meat producers around the country who are selling grass fed meat. Most are selling online.

Or look for a farmers market or a food market.

Join us online in the ntuk newsgroup on yahoo.

Do you think that modern processed foods and intensive farming are a major cause of the current epidemic of chronic and degenerative diseases?

Do you think that traditional, nutrient dense, high quality foods, locally produced in a sustainable manner are the road back to good health?

Seeds of Health is a UK based resource for those who are interested in good old fashioned traditional food.

In Articles

Re-discover the wonderful taste of home made stock. Why should lard be back in your larder? Why is grass fed meat so good for you? We have articles on a range of subjects from raw dairy to grass fed beef and links to many more around the web.

The Joys of Stock
There is truly nothing better than soup made with homemade stock.

The Diet Wars
Metabolic typing is all about matching your diet to your own unique needs.

In Fermenting

Re-claim the lost arts of fermenting and try your hand at kombucha, kefir and lacto-fermented pickles.

How to Make Kombucha
How to make kombucha complete with photos, tips for bottling, storing and brewing your own.

How to Make Kefir
How to make kefir complete with photos, variations and storage tips.

In Resources

Enjoy the superb taste and excellent health benefits of grass fed beef, pasture fed chickens and the glorious game we have here in the UK. Are you looking for raw milk? We have a list of raw milk producers, and a list of grass fed meat producers.

And especially, support your local farmers and producers. Human health starts in the soil. Healthy soils produce healthy plants and animals and, in turn, healthy people. Traditional farmers and growers are the guardians of our health and they deserve our support. Look for your local farmers market.

Sustainable farming is not just about caring for the environment and treating animals with respect. It's about our health too!