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Milk in History and Evolution
By Ron Schmid, N.D.
An excellent article about milk in the human diet through history.

The Case For Untreated Milk
By Dr. B. M. Pickard
A Special Report from The Association of Unpasteurised Milk Producers & Consumers.

Real Milk is Alive & Well in England
By Richard Copus
About the fight to save raw milk in England written in 2001.

Articles Around the Web

The Perfect Pinta?
This report criticises the emphasis on high milk productivity when farmers are already producing surplus milk, with its attendant animal welfare and waste problems, over-use of animal pharmaceuticals, loss of biodiversity, and the environmental damage caused by long-distance transport.

The Health Benefits of Raw Milk from Grass Fed Animals
By Ron Schmid, N.D.

Chronic Disease, Salmonella, Immunosuppressive Drugs, and Raw Milk
Campaign For Real Milk
By Ron Schmid, N.D.

Manifesto In Defence Of Raw Milk Cheese
Slow Food Movement.

Butter, Vitamin E and the ‘X‘ Factor of Dr. Price
By Dr Royal Lee

Cavemen's Taste for Milk Revealed
New Scientist
Chemical analysis of 6000-year-old pottery shards shows ancient Britons also had a taste for cow's milk and goat's cheese. These new findings show that ancient man did drink milk.

Abstracts on the Effect of Pasteurization on the Nutritional Value of Milk
Campaign For Real Milk
By Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research

Is Raw Milk Safe for Babies?
Campaign For Real Milk
By Sally Fallon

The Crime Against Raw Milk
Campaign For Real Milk
By Alton Eliason

Real Milk Cures Many Diseases
Campaign For Real Milk
By J. R. Crewe, MD
An edited version of an article by Dr. Crewe, of the Mayo Foundation, forerunner of the Mayo Clinic, published in Certified Milk Magazine, January 1929.

Raw Milk Vs. Pasteurized Milk
Campaign For Real Milk

Perfect porridge
New Scientist
Iron Age Scots could have eaten milk with their porridge, says a British team.

Farmer condemns Welsh plan to ban green top milk
News Wales
A farmer who sells raw milk direct to consumers has hit out at plans to ban its sale in Wales.

Better Eat Your Butter
By Sally Fallon and Jane Siemon
Debunking the myths that butter is bad for you.

Making Butter
A wonderful article on how to make old fashioned butter from The Old Timer Page .

The Case for Butter
By Trauger Groh
An excellent article about the old methods of butter making using soured cream from grass fed cows.

Why Butter Is Better
Does butter cause disease? On the contrary, butter protects us against many diseases.

Web Sites

A Campaign For Real Milk
American based campaign to legalise the use of raw milk. A Project of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Raw-Milk.com (Canada)
There is a small but growing number of Canadians who want to consume raw milk. This web site provides information concerning our initiative to legalize the sale of raw milk in Ontario.

RawMilk.org (USA)
American based site from Right To Choose Healthy Food, a not-for-profit organization formed by Aajonus Vonderplan, has been established to educate the public about a very important issue to our health: the issue of high-quality, raw dairy.

Milk and Milk Products Regulations at The Food Standards Agency.