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The Lewtress Story

by Rob Lewis

Seven years ago, my father-in law, Jack, was in the last stages of throat cancer and my partner, Cathay, a naturopath, and I were at our wits’ end trying to think of some way to relieve the suffering, when we were introduced to Kombucha by a friend. Even the specialists caring for Jack at the hospital were astounded at how the kombucha helped reduce the radiation burn and gave him the nourishment that he so badly needed but was unable to take due to the extreme nausea from the chemo. Despite all the initial dire prognostications when he was admitted to hospital, he came home and was with us for quite some time. We only wish we’d found Kombucha earlier, as we were flabbergasted by its effectiveness in such a short space of time. So when a client opened up to Cathay about her inability to conceive, after 5 years of trying, she suggested a course of Kombucha and almost a year later she was a very proud mother. The client still proclaims to everyone far and wide that her son is only here due to Kombucha.

I decided to start to brew it on my family farm here in rural west Wales, using only the finest ingredients, experimenting with the fermentation and maturing processes to get the most powerful and palatable form available. From my research, I realised that some herbs could be added and their effects enhanced by the kombucha fermentation process. Kombucha started to take over my life and I converted some of the farm buildings, so that I could brew in controlled conditions. The Public Analyst gave the product the nod, unlike many others I had managed to produce the major detoxifying element, Glucouronic Acid, the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow for Kombucha producers! The search for this component had been the subject of a study by The Kombucha Consumer Research Group in America and they hadn’t found a single one of the 19 growers (both home and commercial, bottled and capsulated) tested to have produced this. We sent the same laboratory in Utah who had performed the tests a sample of ours and yet again our product hit the jackpot.

Convinced that I could help other people improve their health with this, I began to develop a range of products. I truly wanted to make the most potent live version available. A number of organic green teas from both Japan and China were tested. Various herbs were added and some discarded. I can truthfully say many prototypes were not successful, but then there were those that tasted wonderful and were so effective and managed to pass my, and the Trading Standards’, “on the shelf” test. This was a major trial as it had to stay live and palatable without the use of stabilisers, preservatives or pasteurisation, unlike many other commercially produced kombuchas. In addition, research showed that our recommended therapeutic dose was half that normally suggested by others.

We began selling through Cathay’s Natural Therapy clinic and had wonderful feedback. It seemed that my dream was coming true.

So now some four years later, we are in a purpose built unit, still in glorious surroundings in west Wales, where the culture benefits from fresh air and sea breezes, you may laugh but we believe this is essential to the amazing growth of our cultures. Our product range has extended, not only to more of the Revitalizer and Elixir range of drinks but also to concentrated liquids, the Bio Active Herbal Extract range, everything a tincture is and much, much more….. Based on Kombucha, rather than alcohol, these are absorbed straight on the tongue, for immediate and powerful effect. The holistic nature of kombucha considerably increases the effectiveness of the herb. The lack of alcohol means that the Bio-Active range can be used by all ages and those to whom alcohol is an anathema!

Our Kombucha products help sustain a healthy lifestyle and can quickly and effectively fight any problems that arise, from common cold to flagging libido, from depression to PMT - we have a product that will bring a sense of well-being to your life.

Whether you want respite from the perennial common cold, to lift the blues, improve your sight, your memory, or even your love life, or to just feel generally feel better, try kombucha.
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