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where to find...

Where To Find...
farmers markets
food markets
grass fed meat producers
fine teas
raw dairy producers

Slow grown will often mean old fashioned breeds that are happy in their native environment and well adapted to the local conditions rather than more modern breeds that are bred to grow quickly or need a diet that isn't provided by local conditions.

Grass Fed Meat

Look in your local farmers markets and food markets. They are the perfect place to talk to the farmer and farmers markets are flourishing around the country. We also have a list of producers , many of whom sell online.

Things to Consider

When you're looking for grass fed meat or meat from animals that have been naturally raised you're really looking for a number of things. First that the animals have been allowed to grow slowly at their natural pace and not forced. That they are free ranging on pasture with space to move and live normally. That their diet is a natural one for their species; just because you feed cows organic grain doesn't make grain the natural diet for cows.

Talk to the producer. Ask about breeds and how the animals are kept, are they out on pasture? Ask how they are fed. Do they feed grain or commercial feeds? Do they supplement the diet? What with? Ask about the use hormones, growth promoters and antibiotics. If you have allergies to things like soya you should ask about this too. What do they feed in winter? If they make their own silage what goes in to it?

Many small farmers here in the UK still farm in the old fashioned way, putting their animals out to pasture. Most are only too happy to talk to an interested consumer. You can find 100% grass fed meat but many more will grass feed in the spring and summer and and silage or hay feed in the winter. Sometimes you can even come across grass fed and organic!

Raw Dairy

We have a list of raw milk producers who sell from the farm shop and in some cases at local farmers markets too.

Things to Consider

If you find a raw dairy producer in your area ask them what breed of dairy cattle they keep, and how are the animals fed. Each breed will give a different taste to the milk and cream. Good breeds for rich milk and cream are Guernseys and Jerseys. They give that wonderful yellow cream, especially Guernseys.

Grass fed gives a better quality of meat and it also gives better quality milk, cheese and butter too. So ask if they're grain or grass fed, if they are out on pasture and if they use hormones, growth promoters and antibiotics. If you have allergies to things like soya you should ask about this too. Do they use soya in silage in winter for example.

Kombucha and Kefir

You can find kombucha and kefir in some health food stores and even some supermarkets. Some of the commercial kombucha we've tried has been incredibly sweet! If you've tried it, don't be put off. There are brands that are much drier with far less sugar and you can make your own too. It's much cheaper and much more fun to make your own and you can make it they way you like it too.

The where to find kombucha and where to find kefir pages will help you to track down the cultures, where to find fine teas will help you track down those unusual teas for drinking or making kombucha.