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Great British Grub

Rick Stein Food Heroes
"These are people who have no truck with the concepts of standardization and mass production, who take pride in their lack of uniformity. They produce meat from breeds of animal you may never have heard of. They produce tomatoes with names that you’ll never see on the shelves of a supermarket. And they do it slowly, with an old-fashioned respect for seasons, the land, and for taste. They work with passion and commitment, and if the end product costs a little more, they make no apology – they are offering the best, not the cheapest."
An excellent resource of producers and farmers markets.

Food Lovers Britain
Henrietta Green's Food Lovers Britain has a database of producers you can search for local producers and retailers by County or product and the results include notes from her book Food Lovers Guide to Britain. The site also includes recipes and a list of Food Lovers Fairs.

Food Heroes at the BBC
Find Food Heroes producing traditional cheeses, unusual fruits, vegetables, local breads and heritage meat, poultry and fish near you. Listed by region. Search the directory, which includes all the producers featured in the Rick Stein series. They also have some interesting articles on food.

Rare Breeds Survival Trust
Did you know that between 1900 and 1973 more than 20 unique breeds of British farm animals became extinct - their genetic diversity lost forever?

Edible London
Devoted to the traditional quality foods, drinks and eating establishments of London.

Taste Of The West
The South West of England is home to more speciality food and drink producers than any other English region and the Taste of the West guide represents over 200 businesses across a wide variety of product sectors.

Food from Cornwall
A range of local recipes for local produce, local fairs, trade shows and other special events celebrating Cornish food. Farmers' Markets, farm shops.

The Great British Kitchen
From The British Food Trust, a charity whose aim is to stimulate the awareness and involvement of the general public in British food and cooking and to foster the production, supply and consumption of good food. It has some interesting places to explore, Regional Cooking, Food and Feasting, The Staffordshire Kitchen and Eating History are full of interesting and unusual things.

Eat the View
Eat the View is an initiative set up by the Countryside Agency to help people make links with the products they buy and the countryside they cherish and to increase demand for locally and regionally distinctive products which originate from systems of land management that are sustainable.

Teddington Cheese
They stock a wide range of regional and continental cheeses, a good amount of them made with unpasteurised milk. They also offer unpasteurised Normandy butter in their other goods section. They give good information about each cheese, it's history and how it's made in the 'more information' pages too. In the Encyclopedia section you'll find a wealth of information about a large range of cheeses as well as lots of articles on the animals, farming and processes of cheese making and a recipe section too.