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Macbeth's Butchers


Macbeth's Butchers ,
11 Tolbooth Street,
IV36 1PH

phone number

01309 - 672254

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Macbeth's is situated in Forres, an ancient Royal Burgh Town, in the North of Scotland on the Moray Coast. The Royal Burgh of Forres is thought to be "Varris" shown on maps made by Ptolemy almost 2,000 years ago. Macbeth's Butchers was bought by Michael & Susan Gibson from Edinvale Farms in 1985 in order to market the very traditional type of beef that they rear.

In the main, the beef supplied by Macbeth's is produced by us at Edinvale where it is born, reared and finished, over as long a period as is possible within current regulations. It is produced from our herds of Highland, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus cattle which are entirely grass fed during the summer with hay, silage, draff and beet pulp being the ration for the winter. No compound feeds are used and we find that this diet and the extensive ground on which they are allowed to roam means that the cattle produce well marbled, flavoursome meat that is hard to beat. It goes without saying that none of our cattle have ever been exposed to BSE and we do, in fact, have a very high herd health status commensurate with our extensive rearing policy.

The cattle are killed at between 24 and 30 months in a local slaughterhouse which is only 10 miles away. This is important as it means that they do not have a long distance to travel and this goes a very long way to minimise stress prior to slaughter.

After hanging for a week in the abattoir, the carcasses are delivered to Macbeth's where the hind-quarters will be hung for a further 10 days before butchering.

Pork & Lamb
Although the production of beef is our main enterprise, we also supply top quality local lamb and pork, as well as a comprehensive range of venison and game, together with a variety of sausages, burgers, haggis and black puddings all made in our own processing room.

where to buy

Online: http://www.macbeths.com/
At the shop in Forres
By mail order.